Jupiter imaged with a Raspberry Pi Camera

Jupiter imaged with a Raspberry Pi Camera

My first good image of Jupiter with the Great Red Spot using the Raspberry Pi camera that I built. Io and Europa are to the right. Raspberry Pi camera at prime focus through a Questar 3.5". 240 of 500 images stacked using Lynkeos and sharpening via deconvolution, wavelet, unsharp masking with a little noise reduction and color balance.

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Date Taken: 2013-10-23
Keywords: Jupiter
Great Red Spot




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flickr:Jill Clardy

I think you may be spending even more time than me editing old images.... :)

flickr:Rob Pettengill

Cloudy nights syndrome. Also these astro images require artfully wielding powerful and sophisticated computation tools in a way that produces almost magical results. I'm always pleasantly surprised to find the features revealed correspond to real features in the shots from the big boys. It feels a lot like the darkroom magic in the days from chemical development of photographs.

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