Ultra-portable, small telescope, light camera astro-photography and urban astronomy, mostly from Austin, Texas

You'll find: astrophotography with grab and go equipment, astronomical events, how-to tutorials, processing techniques and software for small telescopes and cameras including the Questar. For Austin and the Texas Hill Country, you'll find astronomical weather, observing locations, and an astronomy events calendar.

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Bad Wolf Elephant's Trunk
Bad Wolf Ranch Andromeda Galaxy
Dumbbell Nebula M27 Ultimate
Crescent Nebula
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Early Super Blue Moon
PacMan & a ghost star
North America & Pelican Nebulae, Austin City Lights
OSC Narrow Band City Lights Images
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Safe Solar Viewing
American Annular Solar Eclipse 2023
The Whirlpool, M51, drizzled
Vixen Porta II mount adapter or aluminum disk with holes #2