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Many of my guests on the East Austin Studio Tour wanted their own copy of the metal prints on display. I've created a store on Square to accommodate requests for prints.

It is a privilege to share these images. I have versions suitable for viewing on a computer here on this site for free. To ensure the highest quality, I am currently only printing the images displayed at EAST.

You can order your own high quality meta prints from my on-line store. Your images will be drop shipped by the lab directly to the address that you supply, usually in about a week. I will send a descriptive label, signed and numbered, to the same address. You can apply the label to the back of the print for later reference.

Order metal prints here!

Astronomical prints are difficult to make because of the extreme range of light in the scenes. I typically make 3 to 6 proof prints of an image to get the printed appearance just right. The sizes I will print are determined by the resolution and other visual characteristics to ensure a high quality print.

The metal prints show the luminous appearance of images seen through the telescope. They are ready for wall mounting with a permanently attached floating mount. The dyes are infused into a plastic layer on a sheet of aluminum. They are much more robust than a paper print. They can be dusted or cleaned with a gentle (non-amonia) optical cleaner and soft cloth.

If you have a favorite image that isn't included yet, let me know which ones you would like to see added.

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